Scuba Diving in Punta Cana

Shallow waters make Punta Cana a safe and delightful place to begin to practice scuba diving, full of wrecks and caverns, including and the famed La Cueva dive site. The best diving conditions occur from February to November, otherwise one may encounter choppier water and stronger winds. Visibility ranges from 12 to 45 meters (40-150 feet).

These are the most famous dive sites easily reachable from Punta Cana

* La Cueva (a cave) at about 8 to 13 meters (26 to 42 feet) deep, La Cueva is a great hiding place to see nurse sharks and stingrays.
* The Monica Wreck, a railway cargo ship, lies about 12 meters (40 feet) below the surface, and has done so for a century. It's now home to many squirrel fish.
* Astron Wreck, a former freighter, can be found 14 meters (48 feet) below the surface.

Dive Excursions to the Caribbean Sea:

If you are a more experienced diver, you might want to try one of the dive excursions to Catalina or the Saona islands, about an hour from Punta Cana. Starting in Bayahibe, divers can enjoy the Parque Nacional del Este, with its sea grass beds, mangrove forests, rocky coasts, sandy beaches, moist and dry subtropical deciduous forests, salt tolerant plant communities, and coral reefs. In the reefs you can see lobster, eagle rays, manatees, whales, sharks, dolphins, turtles, and much more, at depths ranging from 30 to 100 ft, with visibility of up to 120 feet year round.

Best Dive Operations

There are many good dive operations in the country. But when you want to dive in Punta Cana or the Bayahibe area then contact John from ScubaFun. John is one of the highest certified dive instructors in the country and a specialist in Dive Excursions and certifications. If you want to dive recreationally or want to learn how to dive you should check the website.