Kiteboarding in Punta Cana

Cabarete is the ideal place to go for kite surfing in the Dominican Republic, but Punta Cana itself also provides good conditions for the sport. Punta Cana features consistent afternoon winds which average between 13 to 18 knots over four hours. Remember to head out past the coral!

Kite boarding in Punta Cana can be taught via private instructor or one of the two schools dedicated to it;

During the winter months the winds are relatively consistent in Punta Cana. The wind is usually day and night, from mid-November through to February. Most of the year, the afternoon winds 13 to 18 Koten (often not more than 22 knots) thick, for about 4 hours each. Usually you can build the kiteboard right in front of your hotel. There are some coral in the water, which is slightly more difficult matter for beginners.

Punta Cana is not a bad place to learn kiteboarding. Until recently, you had to find a private trainer, but now there are at least two kiteboarding schools. These schools provide classes or individual lessons. Of course, you can also knock out a good deal with locally based kitesurfers on the beach and ask for some assistance. To learn kite boarding requires a minimum of 3 days' worth of 9 to 12 hour lessons, costing in total around US$350 to US$799.

Here are a few companies which give lessons, or possibly lend equipment:

Professional kitesurfers are certainly interested in this video from the Punta Cana Kite Festival 2012.