The Best Dominican Cacao

best cacaoMany people who visit the Dominican Republic don't realize that this country is one of the biggest exporters of cocoa beans in the world. Chocolate experts consider Dominican chocolate an excellent choice for creating dark chocolate candy and other fine chocolate delicacies. Unfortunately much of it is exported before it is prepared into candy and other chocolate treats that you can easily buy. However, there are some available as well as some of the beans themselves, for you to take home and if you are lucky you can also taste fresh roasted beans of the chocolate pod.

You'll also find hot chocolate prepared in the unique "Dominican way", with lots of sugar and usually laced with cinnamon. It is a unique flavor for hot cocoa and you should try some if you get the chance and maybe take back some to prepare at home. Chocolate water is a popular Caribbean variation on hot chocolate, which is prepared with just water instead of milk. It is quite delicious and is said to give people strength.