Local Cuisine in Punta Cana

best foodNo other country cooks up better comfort food than the Dominican Republic! Remember that this country is predominantly a tri-creole culture: indigenous Taino, African from African slave ancestry, and Spanish. It also has a peppering of other cultural influences thrown in, as it is and continues to be a cultural melting pot. This is no more apparent than in the Dominican cuisine. The best way to sample authentic Dominican food is to step out of the hotel buffet line and explore more of the authentic culture.

One hallmark of Dominican food, when you are out and about shopping, has actually been a staple food in this country since pre-Columbian times (1492)! It is a deliciously crispy flat bread made by the native Taino called casabe. It is made out of the indigenous cassava (yucca) plant. You'll find this yummy flat bread served all around the Dominican Republic. Sometimes it is topped with meat and other delicious toppings or it may be simply sprinkled with salt, spices, and fresh lime. Either way, you will love it. Other popular dishes include rice and beans and fried chicken, which are prepared with a decidedly Dominican twist!

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Where to eat the best Dominican food

Although these dishes are popular in the Dominican Republic, tourists do not have much opportunity to taste them as most of them stay in All-Inclusive hotels, where international dishes are served. However some hotel chains offer "thematic" dinners with nights on which they serve Dominican food, especially in the buffet restaurants. Of course you also have the option of leaving the hotel and go to one of the local restaurants, where besides Dominicans cuisine you can also choose other Caribbean dishes such as lobster, fabulous fresh seafood and other delicacies.

Typical Dominican Dishes

The typical dishes of the Dominican Republic are simple, healthy and easy to prepare, prioritize the use of natural ingredients such as rice, beans (beans), bananas, pork, chicken, fish and seafood. Creole dishes are developed with the influence of Spanish and African cruisine. Among the most popular dishes at the table of a Dominican family, you will find:

The Bandera:

banderaThe most popular Dominican dish and standard fixture on the table of a Dominican family. It consists of white rice, cooked beans and cooked meat (can be beef, pork or chicken) served in one dish. Usually served with fried plantains and salad.


SanchocoIt is a delicious stew of beef prepared with many ingredients, this is also very popular in Dominican cuisine. Usually served on special occasions because of the time it takes to prepare.


moroA variant of the plate "the Bandera." The difference is that requires mixing the ingredients (rice and beans) beforehand, afterwhich it is cooked together. It is also accompanied by meat stew.


LocrianA dish similar to paella, besides rice you can combine it with different types of seafood and vegetables. It can also be prepared with other ingredients like chicken, beef, shrimp and so on.


manguThis is simply a plate of boiled and mashed green plantains. So is the "mash" of bananas. They serve as a garnish to accompany other dishes.


plantainAnother way to serve bananas, a very versatile ingredient in Dominican cuisine. Simply cut the plantains into pieces and fry. Before frying you can dress the bananas with salt or other ingredients. Also served to accompany other dishes.

Pica Pollo:

pica polloThese are simply pieces of breaded fried chicken. They are crunchy and delicious, usually accompanied with tostones (fried green banana slice).