The Language

Official language: Spanish

In Punta Cana and also in the rest of the Dominican Republic the official language is Spanish. Most people who work in tourism, understand and speak English. In some places with more tourists from a particular region, the people also speak German, French or Portuguese. But the farther one travels outside of a tourist regions, the less likely it is that people there talk or understand anything other than Spanish. It is not necessary to speak Spanish to visit Punta Cana, but learning a few words and phrases will sweeten your visit in any case.

Simple sentences in Spanish

Here you will find some basic phrases in Spanish, you can use around Punta Cana:

No No
Por favor Please
Gracias Thank you
Perdone Sorry
Disculpe apology
De nada you are welcome
Perdon ; Con permiso apology
Un momento Just a sec
Está Bien ; Muy bien Good
Buenos dias Good Morning
Buenas tardes good day
Buenas noches Goodnight, Good evening
Señor Mr
Señora woman
Señorita Miss
Arriba up
Abajo down
Tengo hambre / sed I'm hungry / thirsty
¿Cómo ? What did you say?
¡ Ayúdeme Help Me !
No entiendo I do not understand
¿ Me ayuda ? Can you help me ?
Estoy perdido I'm lost
Hola Hello
Adiós Goodbye
¿Cómo está ? How are you ?
Pregunta question
¿ Habla inglés / español ? Talk English / Spanish?
¿Cómo se dice en español _____ ? How do you say ______ in Spanish?
No hablo español I do not speak Spanish
despacio Más , por favor Slower please
¿Cómo se llama ? What is your name ?
¿ De dónde it ? Where are you from ?
¿ Dónde está ? Where is____ ?
¿ Cuando ? When?
¿ cuanto ? How much?
¿ Quién ? Who?
¿ Por qué ? Why ?
¿Cómo ? How ?
¿ Qué ? What?
¿ Qué hora it ? What time is it ?
Son las 3 It is located 3 clock .
A las Quatro de la mañana / tarde / noche by 4 clock in the morning / day / night
Necesito un médico I need a doctor
¡ Peligro risk!
¡ Cuidado caution !
¡ al policia Llame Call the police !
¡ Ladrón thief!
¡ Para Stop

Spanish in the Dominican Republic can differ greatly from the Spanish from Spain. It sounds different, but also has completely different words. Here you will find some of the native expressions. This will impress the Dominicans in any case. Nevertheless, some of these words are not much appreciated in better social circles and you should not use them there.